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Fevered: Why a Hotter Planet Will Hurt Our Heal...
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Beyond images of emaciated polar bears and drought-cracked lakes, there remains a major part of climate change´s impact that the media has neglected: how our health will suffer from higher temperatures and extreme weather. From spiraling rates of asthma and allergies and spikes in heatstroke-related deaths to swarms of invasive insects carrying diseases like dengue or West Nile and increases in heart and lung disease and cancer, the effect of rising temperatures on human health will be far-reaching, and is more imminent than we think. Award-winning journalist Linda Marsa blends compelling narrative with cutting-edge science to explore the changes in Earth´s increasingly fragile support system and provide a blueprint - a ´´medical Manhattan Project´´ - detailing what we need to do to protect ourselves from this imminent medical meltdown. In the tradition of Rachel Carson´s Silent Spring, Marsa sounds the alarm on a subject that has largely been ignored by governments and policy makers, and persuasively argues why preparedness for the health effects of climate change is the most critical issue affecting our survival in the coming century. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Julie Eickhoff. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Shark Dialogues
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´´Compares with Toni Morrison.´´-Glamour Beginning with the fateful meeting of a nineteenth-century Yankee sailor and the runaway daughter of a Tahitian chief, and sweeping over a century and a half of passionate, turbulent Hawaiian history, Shark Dialogues takes its place as the first novel to do justice to the rich heritage and cruel conflicts of the beautiful and beleaguered islands and their people. Surreal, provocative, erotic, magical, meaningful, and supremely wise, it is a tale of islanders and invaders, of victors and victims, of queens and whores, of lepers and healers. And at its center are Pono, the magnificent pure-blooded matriarch and seer, and her four mixed-blood granddaughters seeking to come to terms with the contradictions of their ancestries and the hungers of their hearts. Their loves, their hates, the bonds joining them, and the furies possessing them are interwoven with ancient legends and lore of the islands whose past offers their salvation and whose future is their fate. Kiana Davenport has written a major contribution to the literature of the Pacific Rim-a great reading experience both brilliantly contemporary in its form and timeless in its illumination. ´´A giant, image-fevered, luxuriant saga of a Hawaiian family? powerful, memorable, intoxicating.´´-Kirkus Reviews ´´Complex, resonant? handles the sweep of history and the nuance of the personal equally well? Sensuous.´´-San Francisco Chronicle

Stand: Oct 30, 2018
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