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The Brothels of Brimstone: Delilah Devilshot, B...
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In the Weird, Wild West.... The dusty town Brimstone isn´t good for much except brothels and getting to Mexico, but it´s where Delilah has tracked her prey. Now that Delilah has contracted her soul to the devil Azazel, she´s feels ready to take on the posse who killed her loved ones. Her thirst for vengeance leads to unexpected consequences and surprises. Things in Brimstone are not what they seem, and dark magic is afoot. It´s in the brothels of Brimstone that Delilah´s devilish gifts from Azazel blossom and her sensual, sexual powers of seduction and strength unfurl. Things get hotter and weirder as Delilah learns to harness her newfound powers. Lives are forever changed as she takes the first steps in becoming Delilah Devilshot! This novella is intended for mature audiences. It contains explicit sexual situations (including lesbian, straight, and light BDSM) as well as violent images. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Irina Stone. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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