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Dissolving Barriers: Discover Your Subconscious...
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On this enlightening and entertaining CD, Louise explains how we can dissolve the barriers that prevent us from being healthy and successful. She shows us that fear, guilt, resentment, criticism, and other negative forms of programming from the past can be transformed into opportunities for positive change and growth. By letting go of these limiting thoughts and feelings and accepting ourselves and others, we can experience the power of being in charge of our lives. Language: English. Narrator: Louise L. Hay. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Prayer, Quantum Physics and Hotel Mattresses al...
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Prayer, Quantum Physics and Hotel Mattresses:Dissolving the Barrier Between the Seen and Unseen Jim Berge

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Romantische Metaphorik des Fließens - Körper, S...
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River and stream as images of time and fate are as ancient as spring and stream as metaphors of inspiration and song. Processes of crossing and dissolving boundaries, of transmission and exchange are visualised in different images of fluidity. At the sixth Colloquium of the International Arnim Society held in Burg Schönburg (Oberwesel), the participants discussed this complex of images and metaphors, from the flowing Rhine via cash flows to the flow of a text and energy flows in the body – using too the context of “Romantic Science”. Novalis’ conception of poetry as “by its nature fluid” is opposed by Goethe’s lines “Water drawn by bards whose fame /Pure is, may be rounded”. Walter Pape , Universität zu Köln.

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